Taylor Momsen Lap-Dances With Female Fans In Barcelona

Hey Lifetime, looking for a new Movie of the Week? Allow us to suggest one: Trainwreck Becomes Her: The Taylor Momsen Story.

Momsy was on top-skank form during a concert in Barcelona this week, sparking something of an underaged orgy (Avert those eyes now!) by inviting topless young Spanish girls to strip and join her on-stage for a little bumping and grinding mid-song.

R. Kelly must be pleased as punch….

The controversial teen star doled out demands that would make oversexed rock icons like Alice Cooper and Gene Simmons blush as she summoned the crowd to: “Take it off ladies and get up here. You do have to take it off. It’s the one requirement of getting up on this stage.”

A dozen or so girls stripped down to their bras and joined the 17-year-old as she performed with her band The Pretty Reckless.

Watch the teenage lesbi-chaos unfold below…

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