Taylor Lautner Jacob Black “Twilight” Barbie Doll February 2010

The Jacob Black Twilight Barbie Doll Photo
Taylor Lautner is such a doll! Thanks to the success of the beloved Edward Cullen and Bella Swan dolls that hit shelves Nov. 1, mega toy giant Mattel is expanding its hit Twilight Barbie Collection, bringing lovelorn werewolf Jacob Black to life via a new action figure that mirrors the 17-year-old star’s portrayal of the character fairly well.

We’re still a bit on the fence as to the whole Team Edward/Team Jacob thing, but one thing we will admit – the new Taylor Lautner Barbie is way hotter than Robert Pattinson’s!

Mattel will release The Jacob Black Barbie this February, Summit Entertainment Tweeted this afternoon. The plastic is expected to retail for $24.95 — Barbie Taylor Swift sold separately :)

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