Report: Taylor Armstrong Leaving ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

America’s out-of-work masses are getting some well-dressed (and heavily “Botoxed”) company in the unemployment line.

Word on The Snitch Circuit has it that Taylor Armstrong, “90210’s Real Widowed Housewife,” has been given her walking papers as one of the stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At the root of the trouble? Apparently, Taylor’s crying and whining in the weeks after her estranged husband’s suicide simply became too much for the other socialites on the show to handle.

Sorry Taylor, but there’s no crying in baseball or the Wacky World of Reality TV.

Please behave accordingly.

In August, Russell Armstrong, the cash-strapped investment banker who moonlighted as Taylor’s armpiece for almost a decade, hung himself in the Los Angeles home of a family friend. It was Taylor who discovered his lifeless body. Down and out in Beverly Hills, The Armstrongs were separated at the time of Russell’s death. After, what Taylor describes, as years of emotional, verbal, and physical appearance at her husband’s hands. Since Russell’s suicide, Taylor has appeared on entertainment newsmags, like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, to break the silence about her alleged years as a battered wife.

Too much emotion, not enough Manolo, if you ask the other Beverly Hills Housewives. And they ain’t havin’ it!

After some prodding from the girls, it was Bravo’s Programming honcho, Andy Cohen, who brought down the axe on Armstrong, The National Enquirer claims. Taylor has been put on notice that when cameras roll on Season 3 of RHOBH in early 2012 — she won’t a starring attraction.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was turning into the Taylor Armstrong therapy. Whenev­er the wives are together, Taylor would somehow manage to start crying and complaining about her life. Taylor is telling friends that the show was the only income she had to take care of herself and her 5-year-old daughter Kennedy. But she drove everyone away with her neediness.”

Bravo — the same network that booted all but three stars of its Real Housewives of New York City series in a bold casting move last month — isn’t talking about this latest rumored axing. But there was no sign of trouble when Taylor sat down for a chat with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson last week. The newly-single mom said she is open to the idea of signing on for a third season of Housewives.

“I love my cast and Bravo has been amazing to me. I’m absolutely open to it,” she told Shaun. “Again, it depends the most for me on whether it’s the right choice for [my daughter] Kennedy. I really have to see how she’s doing and make sure it’s the right choice for her.”

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