Tareq Salahi Offered Endorsement Deal With Cheaterville.com

Do you remember that old proverb? How does it go? Ah — yes: “When a door closes, a window opens.”

Some horseshit like that.

Well, the newly-single Tareq Salahi is learning that when your wife hits the road with a rocker, the endorsement deals start rolling in faster than you can say: “Party at The White House!”

Salahi filed for divorce from his “Runaway Wife” Michaele on Friday — hot on the heels of the former Real Housewife of DC’s explosive affair with Journey guitarist Neal Schon. And perhaps not surprisingly, the endorsement deals are already rolling in. We’ve already heard about Michaele’s pending deal with cheaters website MarriedWivesClub.com — now Cheaterville.com, a social media site that prides itself on “protecting others from getting cheated on,” has stepped to the table with an offer it hopes Tareq won’t refuse.

The site’s founder, James A. McGibney, is offering the bankrupt winery owner an opportunity to serve as moderator of Cheaterville’s new “Anti-Cheating Forum.”

Ok, so it isn’t a show deal with Nike. It beats selling tomatoes along I-95. (No offense to roadside vendors intended…)

In an open letter to Tareq, penned shortly after last week’s divorce filing, McGibney writes: “With everything you’ve been through, your unfortunate experience and guidance will hopefully help others in the same situation, and maybe people who are thinking of becoming unfaithful to think twice, because of the pain it causes. My website, Cheaterville.com, is an anti-cheating site designed to help people know what they are getting into when starting a new relationship. It’s also used by millions of people who want to expose a known cheater to the world.”

Just to sweeten the pot, McGibney adds: “Please contact me back so we can discuss futher, and once again sorry to hear about everything, but karma will bite Michaele in the butt. If it’s any consolation, someone posted Michaele as a ‘celebrity cheater’ on Cheaterville.com and it’s already attracted thousands of views.”

In related news, Neal Schon has also taken away the other most precious thing in Tareq Salahi’s life – his all-access pass to the Journey concert tour. Schon has given the Journey security crew a wanted poster with Tareq’s face on it so they can detain him if they spot him trying to get backstage.


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