Tara Reid “Dancing With The Stars” Rejection

Tara Reid isn’t wholesome enough for Dancing With The Stars.

According to FOX News, the walking billboard for plastic surgery gone wrong has applied “multiple times” to become one of the F-listers featured on ABC’s ballroom hit but has been rejected every season because she isn’t “family friendly” enough.

Wow, its been a tough few years for the American Pie partygirl. Tara’s reportedly so desperate for work, her fans have started a petition to get her cast in the forthcoming remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Apparently, someone who does meet the family appeal criteria is rumored DWTS contender Kim Kardashian. The former BFF of Paris Hilton rose to reality TV superstardom after the Ray-J-assisted sex tape she conveniently forgot existed leaked online in the Winter of 2007.

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