‘Take This Lollipop’ Facebook App Creates Horror Movie Starring You

Why save the fright-fests for Halloween? A new Facebook app called “Take This Lollipop” will take care of it nicely ahead of time — and may give you pause about how much information you share.

Authorize the app to access your profile, turn up your speakers, and sit back as you watch a mini-horror flick — starring you — unfold.

You’ll see an incredibly creepy guy stalk you online, obsessing over your Facebook statuses and photos. Then he pulls up Google maps to find your city and gets in the car to hunt you down, knife in hand, with your own profile picture taped to his dash for ominous inspiration.

It’s incredibly well done, so even though you know thousands of other people have seen the same little movie with their own photos and such instead, it still feels frighteningly real.

[via TheNextWeb]

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