10 Entertainers Who are Good at Business


image placeholder Image Source Much like Jay Z’s famous line from the remix of Kanye’s “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” (“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man!”) the entertainers on our list seem to have taken their skill for blowing up into the business realm, with many listees creating empires in entertainment, real estate, retail,…

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10 Moments Proving Beyonce Feminism is the Best Feminism

1. Beyonce at the 2014 VMAs

Beyonce has her own brand of feminism, and it just happens to be one that’s hotly debated. While there’s no doubt that Beyonce is strong, powerful, and in many ways a legend, for many her sexuality toes the line of what feminism is fighting against. In the words of bell hooks, “Feminism is the end…

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10 Robin Williams Moments We Will Cherish Forever

From the brilliant performances that made us laugh, cry, and think about the world in new ways, to his personal passions such as campaigning for a new G.I. bill, and raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims, Robin Williams brought an ease, class, and sheer genius to acting that can’t be matched. He was truly one…

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