Did Ohio State Fan Just Get Caught Cheating In Front Of Millions?


The Internet brings us another viral video. During last night’s Alabama vs. Ohio State playoff game, ESPN showed video of, who we just found out is University of Miami graduate Kayleigh Lambert, seemingly consoling a young man, her boyfriend we presume (at first), sitting next to her by running her hands through his hair. Then,…

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Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez Still Together Despite Transsexual Sexting Scandal

Jennifer Lopez breathes new life into Tammy Wynnette’s declaration to “Stand by Your Man.” Yeah, not necessarily a good thing. In light of rumors that her boytoy BF, Casper Smart, has been caught sexting (and sexing) at least two transgender models, Jennifer still hasn’t dumped the dancer she’s been dating for nearly three years.

15 of the Hottest Women to Ever Get Cheated On

Vanessa Bryant

Sometimes, for mysterious reasons, men cheat on beautiful and intelligent women who look like the perfect package to any outsider. Even more strange is their choice of mistresses.

Michelle McGee: “Men Are Made To Spread Their Seed”

“All men are swine” — that’s The Gospel According To Bombshell McGross. Jesse James’ mistress Michelle McGee is dishing out advice about cheating spouses. The tattoo model says women should “accept” their husband’s will cheat.