Symone Black Faints Off Stage on “American Idol”


Wow — that was some TV drama on American Idol last night. Did you see Symone Black faint and fall off of the stage as the semi-finalists headed into Hollywood Week?

The young Idol hopeful fell from the stage and went crashing to the ground while being quizzed by the judges over her performance. Black, 16, appeared to wobble on her feet while answering a question from judge Randy Jackson, following her performance of Otis Redding’s ’60s hit “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.”

“I wanted to reach out to an older crowd,” she told the judges, explaining her song choice.

“Are you saying that we’re older?” Jackson challenged her.

As Symone answered “No,” she stumbled forward and fell from the stage.

The audience and the three judges, including Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler, watched in shock as medics ran to help the teen, who was lying on the floor but still conscious.

It isn’t clear if Symone fainted or tripped from the stage. It’s also not known if she was badly injured.

Fox aired the scene as a cliffhanger ending to this week’s episode. Fans will have to wait until Thursday’s follow-up broadcast to learn the songstress’ fate.

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