Sydney Dalton, Former Justin Bieber Fan, Receiving Death Threats From Bielibers

Breaking up is hard to do — especially when the boy you’re dumping is teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.

A teenage girl who publicly cast off her love for You-Know-Who in a YouTube video two months has been getting so many digital death threats online that her name — Sydney Dalton, mind you — is now Trending Topic on Twitter.

Bielibers across the Web are so livid with Syd, the poor thing has found herself the target of online bullying, the tasteless hashtag #SlutneyDalton, and a barrage of messages from Biebettes threatening to crack her over the head with their Justin Bieber posters.

Bieber fans are notoriously hormonal. After all, they’ve been known to chase the 16-year-old hunk through airports, stampede one another in hopes of getting close to him, hell — the Tweeners even threatened to off socialite Kim Kardashian for snuggling up to his well-cut coif. But this latest stint is just a Lifetime Movie of the Week waiting to happen. The only thing more disturbing than the Tweets themselves are the responses to Syd’s video. These are just the tip of the iceberg:

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