Susan Klebold Essay


Susan Klebold has published an essay in “O”, the Oprah magazine, talking about her son Dylan and his role in the Columbine school shootings that took place a decade ago. This essay is easily the biggest public statement by any of the parents involved in the Columbine shootings.

Klebold says in the essay that she had no idea her son was depressed or suicidal. The essay is entitled “I will never know why” and Susan Klebold goes on to write:

“For the rest of my life, I will be haunted by the horror and anguish Dylan caused. I cannot look at a child in a grocery store or on the street without thinking about how my son’s schoolmates spent the last moments of their lives,” Klebold writes. “Dylan changed everything I believed about myself, about God, about family, and about love.”

What do you think of Susan Klebold’s essay? Do you think there’s really anyway she could have missed how disturbed her son was?

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