Susan Boyle Stalker

Susie’s got a psycho! Simon Cowell has enlisted extra security to protect Susan Boyle after an obsessed fan began following the charity-worker turned-singing-sensation to gigs across the globe.


Boyle, who finished in second place in Simon’s Britain’s Got Talent TV series, was left shaken after the “middle-agedd American woman” began bombarding her with letters and showed up at her home in West Lothian, Scotland last week, an insider dished to London’s The Sun on Thursday.

Simon is particularly concerned about the stalker after “Bleeding Love” hitmaker Leona Lewis, who was mentored by the Idol judge on The X Factor in 2008, was punched in the face by a 29-year-old man at a book-signing event in London last month.

“Simon is not taking any chances. This woman is constantly following Susan around the world. It is a middle-aged American woman who has become obsessed with her. At first, people thought it was no more than a nuisance. But after what happened to Leona (Lewis) everyone is taking extra precautions,” say the snitch.

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