Susan Boyle Movie


Simon Cowell is developing a motion picture Susan Boyle’s stunning rise to fame after her performance of “I Dreamed A Dream” on the third season of Britain’s Got Talent.

The 47-year-old Scottish singer has successfully captured the imagination of millions of fans around the world and the music mogul can hardly wait to start cashing in on her popularity, new reports claim.

A source tells Britain’s Star: “Simon can see the business potential in Susan. He’s not only seeing album deals in the UK and the States but also movie and merchandising.”

“It would follow her dream of getting on the show and then, of course, she would have to win.”

“But he would want the movie to be based around the Britain’s Got Talent brand rather than Susan’s life.”

On Tuesday, Susan admitted that she does need a bit of a makeover where her clothes and looks are concerned.

“I will need to sort out my dress sense and my weight. It wasn’t until I saw myself on TV that I realized how frumpy I was,” she told reporters as she left her small home for a trip to the hairdresser.

“It’s not a big thing – it doesn’t worry me too much – but I will be doing a bit more exercise to help me sort it out. When there is this much attention on you, you have to plan what you wear every day and look your best.”

“I just want to look nice, and smart,” she added

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