Surprise! Surprise! Justin Beiber’s Calvin Klein Ads are Photoshopped


Yesterday Justin Beiber revealed his new Calvin Klein mens underwear ads. And although his body looks pretty impressive, we find out this morning that these photos have been photoshopped. Surprise Surprise.

An untouched photo of the Biebes was obtained by, and it appears to show the extent of the digital alterations. If you look at his video ad, you will notice some differences too.

BreathHeavy have claimed that they received the photo from a source “connected to the shoot.”

justin-bieber-photoshopped (1)

justin-bieber (1)

First off let me say dissecting these ads is ridiculous because photoshopped pictures has become the staple in todays entertainment world. I’m 100% sure every beauty ad in our women’s magazine are altered.

Don’t really understand why this circumstance is so surprising. Justin got a bigger bulge, women get bigger boobs. Justin gained more arm muscle, women loose arm fat, Justin got stomach hair, women get extra hair removed. Same same. Its called welcome to being a magazine model, a place where you will always look as beautiful and perfect as you could be.

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