Suri Cruise Fan Mail

It’s official, Suri Cruise is the epitome of cool. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ 2-year-old daughter, who was christened Forbes Magazine’s “Most Influential Celebrity Toddler” earlier this year, receives approximaely 100 pieces of adoring fan mail a day, Star Magazine reports.

Candids: Suri Cruise M&M Store NYC


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes helped their “girly girl” Suri Cruise stock up on the sweet stuff at the M&M Store in New York on Saturday.

Suri Cruise Middle Finger Photo


Kids say the darnedest things. Suri Cruise let her fingers–well actually one finger in particular–do the talking during an afternoon trip to Union Square’s Farmers’ Market in NYC on Friday.

Suri Cruise Gymnastics Training


It’s not too late to make a run for it, Suri. With his film career down in the dumps and wife Katie Holmes lighting up Broadway, Tom Cruise has turned his attention to mapping out the future career path for his young daughter Suri. Tom is determined to turn the 2-year-old fashionista into the next…

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Suri Cruise Haircut


Suri Cruise debuted a new ‘do during an outing in New York’s Central Park on Thursday. Tom and Katie finally got around to trimming those bangs out of her eyes a bit. Looking good, Suri.

Tom Cruise Suri Cruise Faceoff Photo


This way, Daddy! Tom and Suri Cruise had a little tussle over which way to walk during a shopping trip in New York City on Saturday–either that or Suri was trying to figure out how to make a run for it!

Suri Cruise Zac Efron Crush

Suri Cruise has a crush on Zac Efron. Two-year-old Suri Cruise is effortlessly one of the prettiest little ladies in Hollywood–but her taste in men is going to need a little work.

Candid Photos: Katie Holmes Suri Playground Manhattan August 2008

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Katie Holmes and daughter Suri visit a New York City playground on August 7th. Mother-daughter duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise took on Manhattan on Thursday. The lovely ladies enjoyed a day at the park as Katie took a break from preparing for her role in the Broadway production of All My Sons, opening next…

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Suri Cruise French Lessons

Two year-old Suri Cruise is learning to speak French, a family friend tells In Touch Weekly.

Katie Holmes Germaphobe: Katie Holmes Sanitizes Playground Equipment For Suri

Katie Holmes-Obsessed Germaphobe or Concerned Mom? You be the judge. Mrs. Cruise is so conscious about keeping things clean for two year-old daughter Suri the actress recently spent nearly a half-hour “sanitizing” a playground where the tot wanted to play. Katie attacked the swing set, jungle gym and benches at the Pasadena, California playground with…

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Tom Cruise Petit Tresor Cease & Desist Order

Tom Cruise has slammed the owners of a Los Angeles baby boutique with a cease and desist letter. The actor is accusing Petit Tresor of going public with purchases he and wife Katie Holmes have made without their consent. The establishment has been ordered to zip their lips when it comes to discussing the family’s…

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Mark Ronson Suri Cruise 2nd Birthday Party DJ

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have asked Mark Ronson to DJ at Suri Cruise’s second birthday party on April 18th. Mark was the official DJ at TomKat’s Italian weeding reception in 2006. Tom Cruise was particularly impressed with Mark’s remixed version of the Top Gun theme.