Suri Cruise Fan Mail

It’s official, Suri Cruise is the epitome of cool.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ 2-year-old daughter, who was christened Forbes Magazine’s “Most Influential Celebrity Toddler” earlier this year, receives approximaely 100 pieces of adoring fan mail a day, Star Magazine reports.

“She’s even more popular than her superfamous parents. She has such a huge following that I’m surprised there isn’t a Web site dedicated to her yet.”

According to the tabloid insider, a source close to Scientology’s First Family, most fans write inquiring about Suri’s runway-worthy dresses and signature sparkly Mary Janes.

“If Suri wears it out in public, it becomes a big seller, so designers are smart to flood her with their wares. She’s the world’s No. 1 fashion plate under 3!”

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