Suri Cruise Pacifier Pics Raise Eyebrows

Armed with a tube of lipstick and a killer handbag, Suri Cruise walks in high heels better than most 30-year-olds, but when it comes to parting ways with her pacifier (Or in the words of our niece “Her Pie…”) the world’s most fashionable four-year-old is still very much a kid.

…In fact, Suri may be too much a kid.

Suri left the blogosphere scratching its head this week — and for once the hoopla wasn’t over her $500 coat or designer footwear. Throngs of parents are in disbelief that a girl old enough for kindergarten was photographed enjoying cupcakes on an outing with mother Katie Holmes in Vancouver over the weekend…contently sucking on a pacifier and maintaining a tight grip on her cuddly teddy bear.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, tattles say Suri could be a Paci Fanatic until middle school, if the Church of Scientology has anything to say about it.

“Suri just isn’t told ‘no’ very often. Scientology encourages you to make your own decisions and learn lessons as you live your life. She’ll know herself when it’s time to throw the pacifier away, plain and simple,” according to a snoop close to the tot’s parents, Tom Cruise and Holmes.

“Their religion and beliefs are a huge part of who Tom and Katie are as individuals and parents. It’s not like they would not tell Suri not to touch a fire or run across the street, but certain things, they want her to decide herself, including when she feels it’s the right time to stop using a pacifier.”

Did we mention that Suri turns five next month?

Perhaps someone should alert TomKat that research by dental experts, including the Academy of General Dentistry, show that prolonged use of a pacifier can cause changes in the shape of the roof of the mouth and lead to persistent thumb-sucking.

Anyone else foresee buckteeth and braces in Suri’s future?

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