Suri Cruise $1 Million Fine Arts Classes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are forking over fistfuls of cash–$1 million to be exact–on foreign language, art, and dance classes for their two-year-old daughter Suri.

“She is learning French and Spanish and has a tutor she sees once a week…..Piano and violin lessons are on the to-do list.”

The Valkyrie actor and his wife want Suri – who turns three on April 18 – to have a well-rounded upbringing and have committed themselves to grooming the tot to become the world’s next great child prodigy.

“Suri has shown a real love of dancing, so Tom and Katie are encouraging her as much as possible. She practices ballet, tap and modern dance for hours, nearly every day. She also has private gymnastics lessons and is learning soccer.”

A source close to the Cruises tells The National Enquirer: ‘It doesn’t matter what Suri is doing, Tom wants her to be able to do it better than any other child. All parents think their kids are special, but Tom and Katie firmly believe Suri is gifted.”

“….Tom and Katie just have to find time in Suri’s busy schedule!”

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