“Superman” Makeover

While Spider-Man is getting spoofed by the cast of Sesame Street, one of his caped counterparts is stepping into the 21st century with a new makeover.

After spending decades scaling buildings in his underwear and a cape, legendary hero Superman will be sporting a new look this fall, The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex Film Festival has learned. Fans will get their first taste of the new Clark Kent in September. Replacing his the superhero’s signature tights and red trunks are a lined blue costume paired red belt and boots. A t-shirt sets off Clark’s new look.

Superman’s new duds are courtesy of DC Comics, which is relaunching all of its titles as they start back at Issue No. 1 in September. The Man of Steel succeeds Wonder Woman as the latest comic book veteran to receive a modern-day facelift.

“It’s not just renumbering all these books, it’s about going systematically through the DC universe and re-energizing and re-imagining a lot of stuff that formed these characters and their back stories,” DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee said at the Hero Complex Film Festival earlier this month.

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