Super Bowl Commercials 2010

It’s Super Bowl Sunday once again, which has everyone speculating not just on Colts vs. Saints but also on the commercials that will be running. The commerce side of the big game is brilliant since it gives people who don’t enjoy football something to watch and talk about during the biggest television watching event of the year. So what do we have this year?

– Tim Tebow (you might have heard about this) will be starring in an anti-abortion ad that has already spurred a lot of controversy. I’m sure this will get even more coverage once it’s actually aired.

– CBS refused an ad for a gay dating website, causing some to claim the network is hypocritical, airing some highly politicized ads and not others.

– Google is rumored to be running an ad in the third quarter, a first for the search engine.

– Doritos sponsored a contest for best fan made commercial, and that will be airing tonight.

– There’s some buzz that Peyton Manning filmed a commercial with “The Situation” from Jersey Shore. Could we really be so lucky?

– GoDaddy has another banned ad that is not at all risque in any fashion whatsoever, and not surprisingly I don’t think anyone gives a damn.

Check back later tonight, PopCrunch will have all of the 2010 Super Bowl ads just in case you happen to miss something during a bathroom run.

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