How Old Is Tom Petty?

tom petty looking old

While there’s been a mostly positive reaction to Tom Petty’s classic Super Bowl performance, many of the people watching weren’t old enough to know Petty from his heyday. And seeing that today’s music market is saturated with young stars, it probably seemed weird to see an old guy like Tom Petty performing. You’re probably wondering…

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Prince’s Pose Phallic?

Musical legend Prince has stirred up a small controversy over his wet and windy halftime performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl XLI.

The Stars Come Out For 2007 Super Bowl Parties

On the eve of Super Bowl Sunday, a dozen parties beckoned to the celebrity masses who have flooded the Miami area in anticipation of this afternoon’s big football season finale. Scalpers sold Super Bowl Party tickets for upwards of $1,000 a pop. But it was Hugh Hef and his Playmates who hosted one of the…

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