Sultan Kosen Tallest Man In The World

Sultan Kosen is the tallest man on the Planet; but despite taking the honor at the London launch of the 2010 edition Guinness World Records last week, Kosen, of Mardin in eastern Turkey, longs for true love.

He hopes his new found celebrity will help him do just that.


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“The first thing I want to do is have a car that I can fit in but more than that I want to get married,” he says. “I’ve never had a girlfriend. They were usually scared of me. I’m hoping now that I am famous I will be able to meet lots of girls.”

Nevertheless, being tall does have some advantages for the 27-year-old: “I can change light bulbs and hang curtains without needing a ladder.”

Kosen — who was diagnosed with a pituitary gland disorder as a child — is 8ft 1in tall with 11in-wide hands.

Although the previous record holder, Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk, reportedly measured 8 feet 5.5 inches, Guinness says he was stripped of his title when he declined to let anyone confirm his height.
Kosen also claims the record for the largest hands and largest feet.

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