Study: “30 Rock” Most Unethical Show On TV

Perhaps pulling off scams with Kelsey Grammar, hitting on co-workers in the editing room, and sharing a drink with Jack Donaghy on the clock isn’t supposed to be all in a day’s work.

NBC’s Emmy-winning Thursday night comedy 30 Rock has topped a list of the TV shows with the most violations in the areas of Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Respect in the Workplace, according to a new study.

No equal opportunity? We resent that! Isn’t Jenna dating a transsexual?

30 Rock averages 11 equal opportunity violations per episode according to Global Compliance, who conducted the study. Grey’s Anatomy placed second with seven violations. We can see that: In one instance the show’s title character, Dr. Meredith Grey, violates the HIPAA Act of 1996 — a patient privacy law — by sharing patient information with someone not authorized to receive it.

Tied for third place are The Office and NCIS, which both averaged five.

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