Students Protest James Franco UCLA Commencement Invitation

Poor James Franco just can’t catch a break. First, he has to deal with getting stalked by a group of googly-eyed girls at Columbia, and now this….

We hear James is getting no love from his fellow alums at the University of California at Los Angeles. The accomplished actor and writer graduated from UCLA last spring with a degree in English, but the graduating class of 2009 is none too pleased that he’s been invited back as a keynote speaker at their commencemet ceremony this May.

Identifying themselves UCLA Students Against James Franco as Commencement Speaker, a band of college seniors at the prestigious university have even mobilized a Facebook page protesting Franco’s inclusion in the ceremony.

The brainiacs are just saying no to 2008’s “Stoner of The Year,” because he isn’t smart enough to address them.

“James Franco has been chosen as the speaker for the College of Letters and Sciences Commencement Ceremony for 2009. Clearly, this is ridiculous,” the group wrote on the social networking Web site. “Anyone who has been in his classes knows he is an average student at UCLA. This is an accomplishment while working in his industry, but he is our academic peer, which makes him an inappropriate choice for a keynote speaker. His academic experiences are too limited thus far to provide him with the wisdom and perspective such a speaker is meant to provide to graduates.”

“Furthermore, we have worked hard as academics for four years: his successes are (thus far) completely irrelevant to that!”

CLARIFICATION: We are not attacking James Franco: he is a very talented actor, and clearly did well enough at UCLA to get into Columbia. We merely protest that he is not an appropriate choice for our graduation speaker.

Hmmm….methinks some of these folks are just a wee bit jealous of the multi-talented, rich, good-looking, and Golden Globe-nominated Mr. Franco.

What do you guys think?

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