Stephenie Meyer Works With Lionsgate on New Show ‘The Rook’


Stephenie-Meyer-the-Queen-of-the-Twilight-Saga-twihard-central-35693637-1000-752It’s been three years since the film adaptation Breaking Dawn Part 2 graced our silver screens, but aside from Stephenie Meyer’s recent gender-bending retelling of her original story entitled Life and Death, the author hasn’t been churning out any new stories. Post-Twilight, Meyer seems to have given up writing books, and turned her attention to producing films like Austenland and the newly-announced Down a Dark Hall. But now, reports of a collaboration between Lionsgate and Meyer seem to suggest that she’s returning to her world of vampires and werewolves.

According to Variety, Stephenie Meyer is developing a television show for Hulu and an unknown UK broadcaster named The Rook. Does any iconic imagery come to mind?

A rook can either be a bird, or a chess piece. Meyer famously used the chess imagery as a metaphor on her Breaking Dawn cover, to symbolize Bella’s transformation from a “pawn” to a queen, the most important piece on the board.

However, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for those who are more than done with Twilight), it looks like this project is going to be based on another book, one that isn’t penned by Meyer.

The CEO of Lionsgate Jon Feltheimer disclosed that the new project will be based on a novel by Daniel O’Malley named The Rook, about a female protagonist with “extraordinary powers” who wakes up one morning with no memory, and finds that she is a secret agent.


He didn’t say much else except for the fact that Stephenie Meyer will be the executive producer, and that it’s probably not Renesmee who is the secret agent.

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