Stephen Curry’s Wife Takes A Shot At The Cleveland Crowd Following Game 4 Win


Stephen Curry’s wife had an interesting message for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ fan base after the Warriors got their second win of the series, getting ready to head back to Oakland for game 5.

After a couple of disappointing games that saw the Warriors losing, the real Golden State Warriors finally came to play last night, and the result was fairly embarrassing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland started out strong, but fell apart early on, and Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, even took a shot at the Cleveland crowd, saying that they can’t even compete with the noise in Oracle Arena.

Stephen Curry’s daughter, Riley Curry, was a bit of a star until recently, taking the spotlight away from her MVP dad during a post-game interview, but something was different recently, preventing her from doing that.

According to Ayesha Curry, the crowd was too quiet in Cleveland, and, as a result, Riley has fallen asleep during the past two games. She noted that there is nothing like #roaracle arena and that she can’t wait to get back to the bay.

Riley is only two, but she is usually quite active with her family in the crowd while watching her dad play, but sadly had to miss the big win last night.

Apparently the crowd in Cleveland wasn’t loud enough to keep her awake, but luckily for her and the Warriors’ fan base, the Warriors will be back home for game 5 on Sunday.

The crowd did attempt to get more vocal for the Cavs’ big third-quarter comeback, but the Warriors took that away with the help of the Curry family and eventually sent the fans to the exits early.

Stephen Curry struggled for the first part of the series, but along with the rest of his team, he seems to be on a roll now with the series heading back to Oracle Arena, where they have a chance to take the lead. With game 6 in Cleveland needed, we’ll have to see if the Cleveland crowd is able to keep Riley awake on Tuesday.

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