Stephen Curry’s Wife Can Drain 3’s Just Like Him…Even While 9 Months Pregnant [Watch]


Stephen Curry has perhaps the greatest shooting stroke of anyone in the history of basketball, but it appears that his wife has some skills as well. The Curry family seems to just be loaded with talent.

Ayesha Curry is not even related to Steph or his father Dell, but the basketball talent is still strong with her. Fans of the Curry family already knew she was a big fan of the sport after seeing her cheering on her husband at every game, but who knew she could play too?

Her 3-point jump shot is certainly rivaling of her MVP husband, and keep in mind that she nailed these two 3’s while 9 months pregnant. Even the best basketball stars probably would not want to imagine playing while pregnant, which truly shows how talented she is. She said she wanted to leave on a good note and was simply trying to make Steph proud.

Stephen Curry has become quite a star both on and off over the past year especially while bringing his whole family into the spotlight. His wife has posted multiple things on Instagram recently of the family and their 2-year-old daughter Riley has been winning over the hearts of every NBA fan who has been paying attention recently.

Ayesha Curry even used a picture of their daughter sleeping to taunt the Cleveland crowd after the Cavaliers were dealt a fairly embarrassing loss while playing at home. With Riley already being a fan and cheering her dad on, it is safe to say that the basketball genes run in the family and that she will be playing as soon as she is able to.

With Stephen Curry winning the MVP and the NBA championship and now Ayesha showing off that she can make 3’s even while she is ready to give birth at any time, it makes you wonder, is there anything that the Curry family can’t do?

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