Stephen Curry’s Daughter, Riley Curry, Takes The Spotlight From MVP Star During Post-Game Interview [Watch]


Stephen Curry may have been the star for much of game 1 in the Western Conference finals, but once the buzzer sounded and he gave his post-game press conference, his daughter took the spotlight.

Everyone in the Curry family seems to be a star with his Stephen’s dad a former NBA star, his brother a former college star at Duke, and now his young daughter is even impressing people with her cuteness.

Riley Curry got up on Steph’s lap during the interview and after that, it was her show to steal. She started being silly with her giggles at the beginning and even tells her dad to be quiet and proceeds to yawn as it was obviously past her bedtime.

Stephen Curry’s daughter is two years old as he mentions during the interview when her antics became so interesting that they were distracted from talking about the game. After she yawned, she got off of her MVP daddy’s lap and started playing with the sheet on the table.

This prompted one reporter to ask “Are you in control of her right now?” Steph replied by saying “She’s only two. It’s the craziest thing ever.” While Stephen Curry obviously has a lot of fun while on the court draining 3’s night after night, his daughter Riley provides some special entertainment as well.

Prior to the interview, the story was all about the match-up between MVP winner Stephen Curry and MVP runner-up James Harden, and Stephen won that match-up in game 1. His stat line included 34 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists in the 110-106 victory over the Houston Rockets. Harden, on the other hand, was just one assist short of a triple-double and had 28 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists.

Stephen Curry’s daughter Riley quickly made him the second most interesting Curry in the room with her adorable behavior. The cameramen panned over to her when she left Stephen’s lap at one point and several reporters even got out their phones to record her.

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