Stephen Curry Ties NBA Finals Record For 3-Pointers In A Quarter, Unfortunately Not Enough To Win

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Stephen Curry has proved once again why he was chosen as the league’s MVP, although unfortunately for him and the Golden State Warriors, his outstanding performance came too late in the game.

The All-Star MVP guard has struggled for much of the NBA finals behind the aggressive defense of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ unlikely hero Matthew Dellavedova. However, he had a big 4th quarter in game 3 and tied the record for most 3-point shots made in a quarter in the NBA finals.

Curry nailed 5 3-point shots in the 4th quarter, scoring a total of 17 points in the quarter, although due to the large deficit and Cleveland’s determination to win, it was not enough for a victory, losing 96-91 in a dramatic finish.

Stephen Curry has been hassled by multiple defenders throughout the finals and for whatever reason, he and the Warriors just can’t seem to break through the tough Cavaliers defense, even when stacked with injuries to star players like Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

The previous record for the number of 3-point shots made in a single quarter of the NBA finals was set by the veteran master at it of course, Ray Allen. He did it while playing for the Boston Celtics in the second quarter of their game 2 against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012.

However, when Curry did it, the accomplishment was much more impressive since the Warriors were down by 20 at one point before the big comeback and he needed to play like his MVP-worthy self if his team was going to have any chance at coming back.

Despite his awful start to the game with only 3 points at the half, he did score 27 points by the end of the game, almost up to his normal average, making  10 of his 20 field-goal attempts and seven of his 12 three-point attempts.

Stephen Curry has now made 32.4 percent of his three-point attempts and 39.7 percent of his field-goal attempts during the series, averaging 24.0 points, 5.5 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 1.7 steals and a whopping 5.3 turnovers.


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