Stephen Curry Sinks Late 3-Pointer, Young Fan Goes Crazy [Video]


Stephen Curry has been responsible for many clutch 3 point shots throughout his days at Davidson and while playing for the Golden State Warriors. They have generated much attention, but perhaps none greater than his shot last night from one young fan.

He made the shot with just under 7 seconds to go to the give the Warriors a 104-102 lead over the Suns, which made the last few seconds truly amazing. It also prompted one little girl to put all other fans to shame and show us all what cheering on your favorite team is really about.

The little girl is wearing a Draymond Green jersey when she starts jumping up and down with all of her might in celebration over Curry’s shot. Despite her immense excitement, what we can only assume are her sister and mother sitting down next to her, do not seem to be as impressed.


They must be happy that she is so excited, but who can possibly rival this little girl’s excitement? If everyone got this excited after a made shot by Stephen Curry though, we would be sore pretty quickly.

As anyone who was watching last night, you might remember that following that play, the game was far from over. In the final seconds, Harrison Barnes let a second easy basket go in, but then proceeded to get down the court and sink a shot with less than a second left on the clock to win the game.

It is always exciting to see your favorite player make a big shot or have your team win a big game, and this girl shows everyone what it means to be a true fan. It is also a sign of the incredible season that the Golden State Warriors are continuing to have and may be on their way to an NBA championship.

Tell US: Have you ever been nearly this excited over a shot at the end of a basketball game?

Tobias Roth
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