Stephen Curry Rocks Out To Phil Collins While Driving, Complete With Drum Solo [Watch]


Can YOU feel it?! ??? #myman … Don’t mind my almost 9 months pregnant face … ???? Just take this video in.

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Stephen Curry continues to etch himself into history as one of the most fun basketball players to watch, whether on or off the court. He earned the MVP honors during the regular season and recently led the Golden State Warriors to an NBA title.

In addition to being arguably the greatest basketball in the world, he has proven that he is an awesome dad as well. His daughter, Riley Curry, has been stealing his thunder a bit throughout the playoffs with a post-game interview to making everyone’s hearts warm with her cuteness in the crowd. 

What could make a dad any cooler than rocking out to Phil Collins’ classic song “In The Air Tonight?” Curry tests out that theory in his wife’s latest video and it is pretty amazing.

Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, posted the video on Instagram of him driving and singing the iconic song. She even recorded his drum solo and captioned the picture with the phrase “Can you feel it?” In addition to the adorable two-year-old Riley, the Curry family has another baby on the way and Ayesha also apologized for her “almost 9 months pregnant face” that she made during the filming of her husband’s awesome karaoke fun in the car.

Riley has been a big part of the Warriors’ journey to the top as well, and all of the fans know it. Ayesha even posted a picture of Riley asleep after the two games in Cleveland, taking a stab at their crowd, saying that they were too quiet.

Stephen Curry has clearly achieved full dad status and the only thing that could have completed it even further would be to have Riley looking on from the backseat with a disapproving look of embarrassment. The Curry family clearly has plenty to celebrate at this point and will continue to do so for a while.

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