Stephen Curry Received Airplane Rides From Muggsy Bogues When He Was A Kid [Watch]


Stephen Curry is a NBA Champion now but in 1992 he was getting airplane rides from Muggsy Bogues. @videogames

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Stephen Curry has quickly developed into the most popular and most fun to watch player in the NBA. However, prior to his NBA stardom, he was hanging out in the locker room as a kid with his dad.

Does everyone remember receiving airplane rides when they were a kid or possibly giving them to your own kids? The most fun that any kid can have is when they are being “flown around” by an older adult and Steph Curry was lucky enough to get airplane rides from former NBA star Muggsy Bogues.

Everyone remembers Muggsy Bogues right? He was the point guard for the Charlotte Hornets for several years and known for his size (or lack thereof), and even had an appearance in the hit animated film Space Jam.

Of course, now that Stephen Curry is all grown up, his own child has become the NBA’s cutest and attention-stealing kid. His daughter, Riley Curry, has gained the attention of everyone around the country with her post-interview stealing sweetness and appearing in the stands with the family during every game.

Stephen Curry’s dad, Dell Curry, played with Muggsy Bogues from 1988 until 1997 on the Hornets and they both joined the team at the same time. Steph was raised in Charlotte and the time that his dad played with Bogues made up the first nine years of his life, a significant part of anyone’s childhood.

Most recently, the Curry family was on a drive together, and his wife Ayesha recorded a video of Steph singing and drumming along to Phil Collins‘ “In The Air Tonight” while driving, later posting it to Instagram.

Stephen Curry continues to gain the attention of fans all over whether it is through his playing on the court, his daughter’s cutenessĀ or his own cuteness as a little boy in the Charlotte Hornets’ locker room.

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