Stephen Curry Nailed A 3 To Send The Warriors To OT, NBA Players Around The League React


steph2Stephen Curry is playing as good as anyone possibly can when he is needed to and if his latest performance does not scream MVP, then nothing does. Despite a poor shooting performance for much of the game, Curry certainly showed up big time when he was needed.

He made one of the biggest 3’s of his life to tie the game up last night. It was already a high scoring game and the Warriors had been having an amazing 4th quarter, which they needed to do after entering the 4th with a 20 point deficit, something they are clearly not used to.

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the league and the way they were able to finish the game last night certainly shows why. They were playing the Pelicans in New Orleans and despite having a great fan base, some silly fans even started leaving the arena when they were up 20 before the 4th quarter even started.

Watch the slow-motion replay of Curry’s 3 that everyone has been talking about.

Stephen Curry did what he does best by making a clutch 3 and just may have secured the MVP with his latest shot, given that it sent his team to overtime, where they would later win and take a 3-0 lead on the Pelicans.

You’d think that they would know how good of shooters the Warriors have and that Curry, in particular, would be able to come up big near the end. They cut the lead to 3 with under 10 seconds and from then on, you could tell that Curry had the ability to make the unbelievable shot that would make Dell and Seth Curry react in this way.


In addition to his family, everyone around the country  seemed to react in some way to his amazing 3. Of course, like with just about any play of his, they were left almost speechless and simply gave one-word reactions in astonishment.

A few NBA players, including former Pacers legend and current commentator Reggie Miller, felt that he got fouled while taking the shot.

Well, if he was fouled, that certainly would have changed the way the game progressed from that point. Do you think he was fouled on the shot? Take another look and see. Two Pelicans players do charge at him and he is on the ground at the end of the play, but you can decide for yourself.


Stephen Curry seems to keep making those shots where you think that he shouldn’t, but somehow he continues to do it. Following his clutch shot, the Warriors went on to win the game 123-119 in an intense 5 minutes of overtime.

Thanks to Stephen Curry’s MVP play, the Warriors have a 3-0 lead over the New Orleans Pelicans and no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. It’s safe to say the Warriors are in a good position to move on to the second round at this point.

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