Stephen Curry Embarrasses Chris Paul On Crossover, Fans And Players React


Stephen Curry was really working his magic last night on one particular crossover last night. The play came during the second quarter when fans in Los Angeles watched in amazement as Chris Paul was forced to breakdance away from the Warriors star.

Last night’s game in Los Angeles provided an excellent matchup between arguably the two best guards in the league and it sure made for some good entertainment.

The game was close throughout, with the Clippers even leading at the half, but the Warriors pulled away in the end, prompting Blake Griffin to make a statement saying that the Clippers do not even have an advantage when playing at home.

In case you somehow missed the wild play that everyone has been talking about or need another look, here is a video of the incident that was done in slow motion.

It even prompted one Youtube commenter to say that Chris Paul is auditioning for The Matrix, and while he is the one embarrassed on the play, he does make an excellent move to not fall completely on the floor.

Of course, like with any extraordinary play in recent times in the NBA, fans and NBA players around the country quickly turned to social media to show their reactions in some of the best ways possible.

One fan decided to put him in the sky with Spider-Man and Venom, and virtually anything is possible after a play like this, as the wild memes just kept coming.

Anyone who watches TV actively will know that Stephen Curry and Chris Paul each star in commercials for State Farm, and one user even decided to make a joke of that, prompting fans to wonder if the company would cover the broken ankles that Curry just gave Paul.

Anyone up for a good game of Twister? It certainly seemed like Chris Paul was, do you think he would win?

In addition to the many outrageous and hilarious tweets that fans from around the country have provided, it is obvious how much other players around the league are continually amazed by Stephen Curry’s performances and ability to break his opponents ankles as well.

Of course his teammate, Draymond Green, chimed in as well to praise his teammate’s star status. Green sat out during the game, but he was given the perfect spot on the bench to view one of the best crossovers fans have witnessed in a long time.

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