Stephen Curry Continues To Make His Case For MVP After 45 Point, 10 Assist Game


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Stephen Curry is having another outstanding season and seems to be giving fans a show to see in every game he plays in lately. The Warriors point guard is clearly making a statement that he deserves the MVP and it would be a shame for anyone else to get the award.

At this point, he would hardly even need to play since the Warriors have already clinched home-court advantage and the best record in the NBA, but why not continue to put on a flashy show for the fans, right?

In their latest game against the Portland Trailblazers, another great team in the West that they may see again in the playoffs, fans might not expect such an unbelievable performance. However, it does not seem to matter who they are playing this year, and Stephen Curry put on quite a show last night.

Stephen Curry’s stat line included 45 points, 10 assists, and 2 rebounds, leading the team in each category other than rebounds, of course, which was led by Draymond Green. He was matched up against Damian Lillard, but as recent events with Chris Paul have shown us, playing against fellow All-Stars do not seem to hinder Curry’s game at all.

It was a spectacular night for the Warriors point guard in a number of ways including when he set the record for the most 3 point shots made throughout a season. It was a total of 276, which is certainly something to think about and even more so, when you realize that he was the last one to set that record as well, surpassing his last total of 272.

He is known for his smooth jump shot and seems to be able to sink a shot from just about anywhere on or off the court, but his 3 point shooting is what is truly incredible, and unlike most point guards, most of his scoring comes from behind the arc, such as this one at the end of last night’s game.


Stephen Curry is clearly the favorite for the MVP after last night’s performance and the Golden State Warriors now have the unbelievably good record of 64-15. The Warriors have lost only 2 games at home over the course of the season and will be hosting either the Pelicans or Thunder in the first round of the playoffs.

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