Stephanie Pratt Wants Queen Latifah To Play Her In “L.A. Candy: The Movie”

Some punchlines just write themselves — take this one, for instance: It’s not easy to make Spencer look like the smart one in the family, but somehow Stephanie Pratt has managed to do just that. (We’re convinced these people were dropped on their heads shortly after birth.) After Wednesday’s announcement that the producers of Twilight have purchased the film rights to Lauren Conrad’s semi-autobiographical novel, L.A. Candy, everyone’s dying to know which stars will be cast to play the kids of The Hills in the eagerly-awaited big screen feature.

When asked by MTV who she’d like to see play the character loosely based on her, Stephanie replied: “I would probably say Queen Latifah. I love her. I really love her,” she said. “Someone more in my age … does that mean Christina Applegate is too old to play me too? OK, Ashley Tisdale.”

Does this mean I get to have Betty White play me in a movie?!

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