Stephanie Birkitt Pics

Stephanie Birkitt Photo

Stephanie Birkitt is heavily in the news right now as David Letterman’s former mistress, and naturally everyone’s wondering what she looks like. We here at PopCrunch managed to dig up these pics of Birkitt, as well as a couple of videos. Birkitt worked her way up on the Late Show, starting as an intern, and eventually appearing occasionally on the show to do things like cover the Winter Olympics and perform in skits.

Here’s a video heavily featuring Birkitt:

Stephanie Birkitt Late Show Video

Stephanie comes in a few minutes into this video:

Stephanie Birkitt ‘Know Your Current Events’ Video

Birkitt moved on to 48 Hours when her affair with Letterman was finished, and it was there that she began dating alleged extortionist Robert Halderman.

Stephanie Birkitt Picture With David Letterman

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