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Stefanie Knight Playboy’s March 2014 CGOM


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We sure are excited about this one …. We got to interview Playmate Stefanie Knight.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself…

We found you via Instagram. How important is IG to your daily life?

I try to instagram about 2 -3 photos daily ! with gaining 1000 followers every couple of days i want my social media to always be updated with what I’m doing every day or sharing photoshoots

 What is your most popular pic?

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What are two of our most favorite pics?

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How long have your been modeling?

I have been modelling for just over 1 year now.  my first major photo shoot was with Playboy in January 2014

Instagram and Facebook seem to think that nudity can still shock people? What do you think?

i think its completely stupid that only twitter can show the nipple, if you’re on instagram you can still find a nipple photo but none has reported it because they aren’t a famous account,    i truly think that they should free the nipple and make the app 18+ . Instagram and Facebook seem to think that nudity can still shock people? What do you think?

Who is your favorite sport?

I’m Canadian so I love hockey!

Katy Perry was the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl. Are you a fan of hers? How do you  think she did?

It was amazing i think she shows so much power and strength as a successful woman

 First thing you do when you wake up?

check my phone like its the newspaper

If you could get VIP all access to one show, concert, festival. Which would it be?

I am in love with miley cyrus  I think she’s so awesome for doing what she wants to do, i haven’t seen a show but they look amazing!

 Bring one celebrity back to life?

Marlyn Monroe

Last one is for you to share anything that might help promote yourself.

I am Playboy’s Cyber Girl Of The Month March 2014  Follow me on all my social media accounts to see more!



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