STD Prompted Chris Brown Rihanna Fight?

Could a sexually transmitted disease be at the center of the weekend brawl that sent a screaming Rihanna to the ER and landed R&B Golden Boy Chris Brown behind bars?

On Sunday, Chris Brown, 19, was arrested in Los Angeles on charges of making criminal threats against his 20-year-old girlfriend, singer Rihanna. The Barbados-born star is said to have suffered bite marks and visible bruises and scrapes on her face and body.

But in a scandalous new report lighting up the Gossip Wire this Tuesday morning, we are hearing that one of the young stars may have infected the other with an STD, resulting the “horrific” domestic dispute that rocked the music world over the weekend.

According to a scoop from The Chicago Sun-Times,….rumors are flying that the fight may have been caused by Rihanna harping on Brown’s straying ways or — potentially more explosive — the possibility one or both of them had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

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