Could Star Jones Lisa Rinna Feud Result In Criminal Charges For “Melrose Place” Alum?


If Star Jones’ faceoff with the girls of The View had you on the edge of your seat, just want until you get an earful of how ugly her feud with actress Lisa Rinna has gotten.

Jones, a former legal eagle, has hired her own team of fancy suits after her Celebrity Apprentice teammate reportedly began cyberstalking her on the Interwebs.

It all started when the girls attempted to work together on a children’s book project in the name of charity during an Apprentice episode that aired on Sunday. Things quickly turned sour and as team leader it was Rinna who was given her walking papers. Jones led the push for Rinna to become their team’s project manager- primarily because she thought she’d blow it and get fired. Even Real Housewife NeNe admitted it, saying: “We choose Lisa because we didn’t think she would handle it, and it’s best to get her out now.” Livid over being ousted so early on, Lisa blames Star for her shortlived stint on the show and has reportedly launched an online Battle Royale against Jones.

Word on the Curb has it that Lisa has been flooding the Interwebs with disparaging Tweets about Jones, including posting pics comparing Star to some scary Halloween masks (Ouch). The ex-Melrose Place actress — who has two daughters with husband Harry Hamlin — is also accused of flipping in to Full Bitch Mode on star in several acid-tongued emails.

Jones has been collecting the evidence and has presented it to NBC’s legal department, which has warned Rinna to put a lid on her behavior, according to E! News informants.

“Star is taking this very seriously,” according to a tipster close to the controversy. “Lisa was so furious she was kicked off so early and blamed it all on Star. Lisa went home and started sending nasty emails…Star hasn’t taken the behind the scenes fight public because she thinks it would ruin Lisa.”

PopEater.com’s Rob Shuter cites a friend of Lisa’s who says the star feels “betrayed” by Jones: “Lisa feels betrayed by Star and Dionne Warwick and has never in her life been exposed to such a negative environment. She comes from a place of love and refuses to fight dirty even if that means she would not win. To be honest, she’s happy it’s all over and has moved on.”

Rinna isn’t the only celeb on the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice to butt heads with the fiercely-competitive Star. The catfight between she and NeNe got so heated that Star had to hire her own security detail to keep the Bravo star at bay.


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