Stan Lee Weighs In On Why ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Failed


Fantastic Four Reboot

There’s a million reasons why Fantastic Four failed. Some blame the fact that the fans weren’t on board with the casting from the get go, while others blame director Josh Trank for presenting a vision that just didn’t match up with the tone of the Fantastic Four comics.

The latter might be the reason why the reboot failed, or at least that’s what Marvel’s Stan Lee implies. In a joking manner, Lee, who has been making cameos in the majority of Marvel films, told Larry King on Ora.TV, “Well, it was probably because I didn’t have a cameo in it, and they didn’t discuss the story with me.”

Many criticized that the Fantastic Four’s story was severely lacking, and seemed way too disjointed. Many noted that the story was far too dark for a Marvel film, and was poorly executed by Trank.

It sounded like Trank and Fox were at odds from the very beginning. According to Entertainment Weekly, Trank was adamant about having actor Miles Teller in the role of Reeds Richards, but as the two started to shoot the movie, their personalities clashed, and the two nearly had a blow out on set.

“There was uncertainty about who should star. Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm was set from the start, but the studio wanted a different actor than Miles Teller for Reed Richards. Fox insisted that Kate Mara be given the role of Sue Storm, and Trank treated her badly as a result. Some say he was cruel, others say merely cold. No one says they got along.”

“Different sources say Trank was indecisive, others say the studio was hemming and hawing on his choices. Either way, the script was not finalized until late in preproduction, and continued to change right through reshoots, which stalled crew workers who were trying to build sets, make costumes, props, and prep the movie.”

After all was said and done, Trank blamed the studio. In a tweet that’s now deleted, Trank bluntly said that the vision he had for Fantastic Four didn’t make it to the big screen. In fact, he said his version will likely never be seen. This tweet came out just as the film was about to drop into theaters.

We’ve heard about directors trashing their films and airing out their greviances after the fact, but it’s unheard of for a virtually new director to drop the hammer on his first tent-pole project as it’s about to come out.

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg had an interesting take on Trank prior to the film’s release.

“What I do think we had was a very young director making a very big movie. And a director that, for whatever reason, people were either rooting against or his personality troubled the press. So it just got viewed differently than any other movie that’s a tough movie. We came in on schedule, under budget, [with] a movie that was pretty true to the original intent of the film. Whether people like it or not, it was his vision, which was a more grounded, a much more real version of Fantastic Four. Was it an easy production? No.”

That said, not even Stan Lee has seen the final cut of the film, which pretty much tells you where his head was at while this film was concerned. Considering he created the Fantastic Four it shows that the studio really had no faith in the film if they couldn’t find a way for Lee to see it.

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