Spitzer Madam Kristin Davis Running For NY Governor

Kristin Davis (Not to be confused with the Sex And The City actress who shares her name) — the New York City madam who supplied call girls to so-called Luv Gov Spitzer during his tenure as Attorney General and Governor of The Empire State — is running for the same office scandal-scarred Spitzer abandoned in 2008.

Jersey girl-turned-high prized hooker Ashley Dupre worked for Davis when she bedded Spitzer in a Washington hotel in early 2008. Davis has gotten herself on the ballot for New York’s November gubernatorial election, where she’ll face frontrunner Andrew Cuomo. That’s right, Kristin has obtained the necessary amount of signatures to add her name to this year’s race for the Governor’s Mansion in Albany. In fact, the former femme pimp earned 23,000 signatures — nearly double the 15,000 required.

Kristin’s platform includes marijuana legalization and marriage equality. She will be the first woman in New York history to run for office while on probation.

How’s that for breaking ground?

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