Spice Girls Hate Groups Online: Spice Girls Reunion Tour Cancellation Internet Hate Campaign


Former Spice Girl fans have launched a vicious Internet hate campaign against the ’90’s girl group following the cancellation of the last leg of their World Reunion Tour. Spice Girls hate groups have recently been set up on Facebook, blastiing the group as “liars.” has been flooded with hate mail from disgruntled ticket holders who have missed out on the shot to see the girls perform live.

Two hate groups have been established on social network site Facebook, ‘Spice Girls Suck for cancelling tour to Australia’ and ‘Spice Girls Dogged Australia.’

Here’s what angry fans have to say:

‘I am absolutely disgusted in them’ said one fan named Charm.

‘It’s a crappy excuse, really it’s all just about money…they’ve made enough now so who cares about anywhere else right?’

‘They have known all along when their kids go to school or whatever.’

‘Most of us have been waiting years for this and they have just ruined it all for us. As far as I am concerned, they have just lost another fan. So much for girl power.

One fanatic even shut down his fan website after 10 years, saying: ‘I can’t support people who I don’t respect, and I don’t respect people who plainly screw over and lie to their fans, that being the Spice Girls.’

The Spicey Ones will end their tour in Toronto, Canada on February 26.


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