Spencer Pratt Shelves “Speidi” Sex Tape

So much for Speidi: The Sex Tape!

Spencer Pratt must have taken a recent trip to Oz– because it appears the slimeball reality villain has suddenly developed a heart and decided against subjecting the masses to the monstrosity that would be Speidi in XXX.

The former Hills star had threatened to release three raunchy films of his estranged wife Heidi Montag – who he separated from in April after a year of marriage– in the throes of passion with him and Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon, but has now apparently changed his mind in a last ditch effort to salvage a friendship with his former flame.

In a letter penned by Pratt’s assistant and sent to Vivid Entertainment, Team Pratt halts negotiations with the adult film company behind leaked sex tapes from Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Kendra Wilkinson: “Heidi’s made it very clear that she is not interested in releasing any tapes. It looks like she pulled the kill switch. Spencer’s not interested in further destroying their relationship by pursuing an avenue she’s so vehemently against.”

Spencer was surprised that Heidi turned down the chance to make a huge sum of money from the videos and has threatened legal action if the footage is made public.

“Spencer thought $5 million would be enough to convince her, but now Heidi is saying she’ll bring out the legal team if he persists,” the letter continued.

Spencer said he was releasing the footage in order to help his wife.

“When I realized how much Kim [Kardashian] was making [after her sex tape went public], my logic is this is the best thing I can do for my ex-wife. Kim is on the cover of Allure right now. Heidi isn’t on the cover of Allure,” the kooky fameseeker said last month.

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