Former SpaceX Rocket Scientist Invents Super Comfortable Stiletto’s


How do you make a comfortable pair of stiletto’s that won’t murder your feet? You turn your efforts towards the work of a former SpaceX rocket scientist and his team of incredibly smart engineers.

Dolly Singh worked as an executive at SpaceX for five years before she turned her attention from space travel to orhopedics.

Singh founded Thesis Couture and she is working with a team of engineers towards the goal of inventing a shoe that redistributes pressure along the foot while making use of high-quality plastic and polymer instead of the traditional metal construction. The company’s stiletto’s are being deemed as “the world’s first high-performance stilettos.”

The super comfortable shoes are expected to go on sale this Autumn with a starting price of $925.

Thesis Couture

While the first run of shoes will be incredibly expensive, the company is hoping to completely change the way heels are designed and they hope to accomplish that goal within five years.

Apparently to create the world’s most comfortable stiletto’s you just need an astronaut, an orthopedic surgeon and a fashion scientist.

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