‘Southpaw’ Releases Second Trailer, Get Ready To See Jake Gyllenhaal As A Buff Boxer [Watch]


Southpaw has Oscar material written all over it with the star power attached to it along with the powerful story that will likely remind audiences of the great Oscar-nominated film The Fighter.

With a second trailer now available, we get to see a bit more of what the film will be like and the excitement will only continue to grow from here. Jake Gyllenhaal is the star of the film and he is unrecognizable in his first role since his Oscar-worthy Nightcrawler.

It is hard to know how to follow up a film like Nightcrawler as one of the most unique performances of anyone’s career, and for anyone who still hasn’t seen it, you can soon fix that with the help of Netflix’s June additions.

Southpaw features Jake Gyllenhaal in the role of a boxer who seems to be on the top of the world until a tragic accident changes everything and he quickly loses control of his life. After falling to the bottom, he begins the process of putting his life back together with the help of a new mentor.

In case you missed the first trailer released for the film, you can check it out below:

The supporting cast of the film includes Forest Whitaker, Rita Ora, Naomie Harris, and Rachel McAdams, who recently spoke out about how working with Gyllenhaal’s bigger buff body on set even freaked her out a bit.

The trailer is filled with emotion and features the new single from Eminem that was released earlier this week, “Phenomenal.” It is also only a minute long and the preview ends just as we get to see Billy “The Great” Hope stepping back into the ring and delivering his first punch.

Southpaw was written by Kurt Sutter and directed by Antoine Fuqua, due for a release on July 24. It is certainly a different role for Jake Gyllenhaal as he continues to show his versatility and prove that he can do anything on the screen.

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