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Too Soon? Jason Biggs Under Fire Over Malaysian Airlines Crash Tweet


Jason Biggs is in deep dog doo after cracking a joke about Thursday’s Malaysian plane disaster.

“Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?” Jason quipped upon learning of the shot-down jet and the 295 passengers on board, all presumed dead.

The Orange is the New Black star is no stranger to Twitter controversy: In 2012, he caused an uproar for making obscene comments about the wives of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney during the Republican National Convention. When Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill died in a paragliding accident last spring, Biggs couldn’t resist tweeting out a barb. When another Malaysian flight, MH370, went missing in March, Biggs casually suggested that Bachelor contestants would have better luck finding the vessel than getting an “I love you” out of heartthrob Juan Pablo.

If responses ’round the Twitterverse are any indication, this time, Biggs may have gone too far. The actor, 36, immediately found himself inundated with outraged responses.

“Way too soon for a joke like this; families don’t even know yet.”

“Good comedians understand timing, the others, not so much.”

“I’ll be sure to laugh when u suffer a family tragedy.”

After initially becoming defensive over the backlash, the nuclear reaction eventually prompted Jason to delete the offending tweet and replace it with a series of remarks aimed at redeeming himself.

Interestingly enough, Biggs did manage to find a few allies in the mob of critics.

What do you think of Biggs’ tweet? Are Tweeters too sensitive?


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