Why Did Solange Knowles Beat Up Jay Z in the Elevator?!

Call us presumptuous, but we’re going to go out on a whim here and assume that Solange Knowles will not be the opening act at this summer’s “On the Run Tour?”

On Monday, video footage surfaced featuring the “T.O.N.Y.” singer laying the smack down on her mogul brother-in-law Jay Z. The altercation took place on May 5, as Hov, Solange and singing superstar Beyonce (who, in case you just arrived from Mars, is Solange’s sister and Jay Z’s wife) boarded an elevator following the star-studded MET Gala. Security camera footage, obtained by TMZ, shows the obviously incensed single mom wildly punching and kicking the rapper/businessman as a bodyguard tries fruitlessly to restrain her.

Meanwhile, Queen Bey couldn’t be bothered with the pressing task of actually breaking up the melee. In her defense, though, she looked rather busy. Drying her nails, perhaps?

It’s unclear what led Solange to attack Jay Z, but we’ll take a “Drunken Rage” for $500. Of course, “Napoleon Complex” and “Feelings of Inferiority” are also pretty safe bets. Whatever the cause, the Jay Z/Solange slugfest is going to be mayjuh for the meme business.

If only Olivia Pope weren’t on maternity leave!

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