Snoop Dogg on Kim Kardashian: “You Can’t Make A Ho A Housewife.”

Rapper Snoop Dogg is hot under the collar and unleashed a growling attack on Kim Kardashian with a video rant stating “You can’t make a ho a housewife.”  No one is certain what triggered the punch (except for perhaps Kim’s past) but Snoop is mad.  As hell and used his pseudonym “Nemo” to say so.

Snoop’s video rant (available at the Hollywood Reporter )  includes his venomous opinion of the 31 year old E! reality star and former wife of Kris Humphries.  Laden with profanity, Snoop assures that Kim is “cold blooded,” that Humphries “shouldn’t have tried to wife the b**ch,” and that Kim will “have a book in a month talking about all the n**gers that she got and how she played them.”


Kim’s rep has not commented on the video.

No one is certain what sparked Snoop, who’s likely just following the “Brocode,” to launch fire at Kim.  Perhaps he’s only saying what much of the masses have only the nerve to think?


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