Snooki Sunlove Spray Tan Infomercial

Jersey Shore’s own Snooki, everyone’s favorite “guidette” Oompa Loompa, has found her true calling after landing a gig as the new face and body of Sunlove self-tanning lotions.

Watch as the pint-sized barfly makes her way around the streets of NYC hawking the bottle bronzer.

Snook says: “I just heard about Sunlove not too long ago and then I tried it out. It doesn’t leave your face greasy, and there’s no bad smell to it like other spray tans. I never used spray tanners until this one because I usually just went tanning. But you know after the taxing, you don’t want to deal with that, and friggin’ cancer—so this is a great product to replace all the bad stuff of tanning.”

CLICK HERE To Read Snooki’s interview on Sunlove with the May issue of Allure

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